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The Louisiana State University Journal of Energy Law and Resources (JELR) is a student-edited academic journal based out of the Paul M. Hebert Law Center at Louisiana State University. A group of interested students founded the JELR in November of 2011; the first issue went into publication the fall of 2012. The JELR is committed to developing and promoting scholarship on a diverse variety of topics related to energy and environmental law. Today, production of Volume VI, Issue 1 is well underway, with the JELR working tirelessly to push the issue through the final stages of publication,

The JELR’s membership consists of second and third year students attending the Louisiana State University Paul M. Hebert Law Center. Invitation to join the membership is extended based on academic performance as well as students’ writing and editing abilities as tested through an annual write-on competition. Selected students receive invitations during the summer between their first and second year of law school.

Upon acceptance, selected students become Junior Associates, they are inducted onto the JELR staff at the beginning of the second year, and continue in the role of Junior Associate throughout the spring semester. Junior Associates are charged with ensuring the authority and accuracy of all cited material in every article published in the JELR. Additionally, Junior Associates also spend the fall semester of their second year researching and composing an article to be considered for publication by the presiding Senior Editorial Board. At the beginning of their third year, Junior Associates are promoted to Senior Associate positions where they are charged with guiding the new Junior Associates class through the composition of their own articles.

Alternatively, Junior Associates may, at the culmination of their second year, bid for a position on the Senior Editorial Board. In order to be selected for a position on the Senior Editorial Board, a Junior Associate must go through an interview and selection process conducted by the sitting Board Members. The newly selected Board Members spend the rest of their second-year training to take charge over the Senior Editorial Board and the JELR for the following academic year. The JELR is always advised by a committee composed of LSU Law faculty members.

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